Online Meal Planner

The notion template for your meal planning

Do you collect recipes with screenshots on your mobile phone? Or does your spontaneous menu planning never work out because you didn’t buy the right thing? Then this Notion template is just right for you!

With this template you get a menu plan, recipe collection and shopping list all in one. And thanks to the app, you always have it with you.

CHF 6.00

Meal planning with Notion App

Everything you need to create your weekly meal plan online.

From your collection of favourite recipes, you can put together a weekly menu plan and write directly in the shopping list which ingredients you are still missing.

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This meal planner is so well done. It is functional and minimalistic. I also love how easy it is to personalize, add tags and filters.
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Simple, easy to use, and intuitive. Love it.
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The download instructions for the Notion Template are very clear. The Notion Template itself is also very useful and nicely designed. I love the minimalist look and that I can add to the template as I wish.

4 pages for your meal planning

Keep an eye on your meal planning and get inspired by your recipe ideas.

Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner flexibly. And complement the main meals with snacks and additional information.

Collect all your favourite recipes in one place. You can easily filter them by meal, diet, cuisine and occasion.

Easily add products, sort them by shop area and shop, and share the list with people in your household.

Weekly menu plan

Plan your meals in advance. You’ll save money, time and create less food waste.

Recipe collection

Collect all your favourite recipes in one place. So you always know what to cook next.

Shopping List

Keep track of your purchases in an easy-to-read list. Thanks to the Notion app the list is always with you when you’re on the move.

Any questions about the online menu planner?

With the Notion app or the Notion website, you can access your menu plan from any of your devices. Notion is free to use and the template is easy to add to and expand according to your needs.

After purchasing the menu planner, you will receive a PDF with a link to the Notion template and a short description of how to duplicate the template. After a few clicks you are ready to go. 🙂 🙂

No worries. Notion is not very complicated. But if you want to learn Notion from scratch, you’d better have a look at the following guide:

You can also create an account first and see if Notion is something for you.

You can customize the Notion template according to your needs and extend it as you wish. Add new categories, columns and even entire databases. So you are not limited by the defaults of the menu planner app, but have exactly the fields and filters that you really need.

Moreover, an app can usually only be used on a smartphone. Notion, on the other hand, works on the smartphone as well as on the tablet and computer.

Yeah, sure. You can customise the design to suit your taste. With different icons, header images, colours and fonts, your menu planner will quickly look completely different.

In case you want to switch back to the standard design, you will receive the icons (light and dark mode) in a zip folder when you purchase.

Yes, with the link in the PDF you can always access the latest version of the meal planner.

However, since you create a copy of the Notion template and can redesign it according to your needs, automatic updates are unfortunately not possible.

Ready for online meal planning?

Download the Meal Planner Notion Template now and start your recipe collection!

CHF 6.00


Please note that this notion template is for personal use only. The content of this template may not be duplicated, copied or resold.