Online Homeschool Planner

The Notion template for homeschooling

Are you looking for a smart and easy way to schedule your homeschool lessons online? Then this digital homeschool planner for multiple kids is just what you need.

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This template is currently only available in English! But you can change all titles and labels to any language.

Homeschool planning with Notion

With Notion template for homeschooling parents you can easily plan and organize lessons.

Collect all lesson preparations in one place, sorted by subjects and topics, and do your rough and detailed planning in the calendar. Your kids have their own dasboard so they can always see what’s coming up next.

Homeschooling Dashboard

Quickly see what’s scheduled for today and filter the lessons by student for a better overview.

Add tasks for yourself or assign work to your kids and keep track of what has been done so far. Further down you find a notes section and an overview of all the lessons scheduled for the month.

4 pages for your school planning

Everything you need to organize your lesson ideas and plan your homeschooling year.

Store all of your lesson preparations in one place. Easily add them to the calendar and filter them by subject ans topic. Even assign them to your kids!

Start the school year with an outline of the main topics. So that you always know what is next.

If you are looking for inspiration for your younger children, this page is perfect for you. Here you will find all lessons clearly arranged by subject and topic.

Each of your kids has it’s own dashboard where it can access the daily lessons, tasks, goals, etc.

Topic planning

Start the school year with an outline of the main topics. So that you always know what is next.

Lesson preparation

Store all lesson preparations in one place. Over the years, this creates a valuable archive of ideas that simplifies your workflow for younger children.


The Subjects view gives you an overview of all the lessons you’ve ever created and groups them by subject for easy access. That way you never run out of ideas.

Kids Dashboard

Give your older kids access to their own dashboard to encourage independent learning.

Four children are prepared for you. More can easily be added using the template feature. The dasboard shows your child what lessons are on the schedule for today and tomorrow, and gives them an overview of all the tasks and assignments. They can also write down their goals and reading list.

Still have questions about the online homeschooling planner?

With the Notion app or the Notion website, you can access your homeschool planner from any of your devices. Notion is free to use and the template is easy to add to and expand according to your needs. You can even save the individual lessons as a PDF and print them out.

After purchasing the Homeschool Planner, you will receive a PDF with the link to the Notion Template and a brief description of how to duplicate the template. After a few clicks you are ready to go. 🙂 🙂

No worries. Notion is not very complicated. But if you want to learn Notion from scratch, you’d better have a look at the following guide:

You can also create an account first and see if Notion is something for you.

Yeah, sure. You can customise the design to suit your taste. With different icons, header images, colors and fonts, your homeschool planner will quickly look completely different.

In case you want to switch back to the standard design, you will receive the banner images and icons in a zip folder when you purchase.

Yes, with the link in the PDF you can always access the latest version of the Homeschool Planner.

However, since you create a copy of the Notion template and can redesign it according to your needs, automatic updates are unfortunately not possible.

Ready for digital homeschool planning?

Download the Notion template now and start planning in a smart and structured way!

CHF 16.00


This template is currently only available in English! But you can change all titles and labels to any language.
Please note that this notion template is for personal use only. The content of this template may not be duplicated, copied or resold.